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The Israeli–Palestinian conflict (Hebrew: הסכסוך הישראלי-פלסטיני ‎‎ Ha'Sikhsukh Ha'Yisraeli-Falestini; Arabic: النزاع ...

The history of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict began with the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. This conflict came from the intercommunal violence in ... The conflict between Palestinian Arabs and Zionist (now Israeli) Jews is a modern phenomenon, dating to the end of the nineteenth century. Although the two groups ... The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Through Children's Eyes. Subjects. Social Sciences--World history--Civics--Geography World religions and cultures

This paper outlines the history of Palestine to show how this process occurred and what a moral solution to the region’s problems should consist of.

PSR is an independent nonprofit institution and think tank of policy analysis and academic research. PSR was founded with the goal of advancing scholarship and ... In which John Green teaches you about conflict in Israel and Palestine. This conflict is often cast as a long-term beef going back thousands of years, and ... Hamas is the main Palestinian armed resistance group, but the Islamist movement has struggled with governance since assuming control of Gaza. Israeli professor Moshe Zuckermann's notions about antisemitism, Israel, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are representative of a current in Jewish thinking: anti ...

The Palestinian Refugee Problem Resolved. by Shaul Bartal Middle East Quarterly Fall 2013 example of a good thesis for a research paper pp. 29-40 .